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Christmas Candle Table Decor

Hi friends, Its Hazel from Handcrafted Expressions, welcome to my new project Christmas Candle Table Decor for The Robin Nest Creative as a Design Team Member. Learn with me how to make an easy DIY Christmas Candle and Vase Table Decor for gifting your loved ones this Christmas Season..

Hello everyone, a Merry Christmas to you all. Today I have designed a Christmas Candle with Vase for gifting as Table decor

Preparation for Christmas Candle and Vase

Preparation for christmas Candle

I have taken a ready 6” candle, Paper napkin ,clay moulds and the fabulous The Robin Nest Dewdrops ,butter paper or wax paper and glue to design the piece.

Adhering and Designing the  Christmas Candle

Designing the Christmas Candle

Here I have first taken the paper napkins and cut accordingly to the size of the candle. The I removed the back layers of the napkin and used just the main design layer and wrapped it on the candle by just applying a dot of glue so it does not move. Then again wrapped the butter paper again cut to the size cut with 2” extra to hold the handle. I then used the heat tool holding 1” away to heat the candle, then slowly you start seeing a transparent image on top as you heat that helps you to understand the napkin on the candle has got adhered into the candle. Continue the same process all over the candle then just remove the butter paper ,you will see a ready finish designed candle.

Dew Drop Designing on the Christmas Candle

Dew Drop Designing the Candle

Thirdly I used the beautiful Christmas colors red, green and orange of the dewdrop to adhere on the design of the napkin with glue to form a sparkling candle when lit.

Decoupage Decoration on the Vase

Decoupage Decoration

Next I designed a terracotta vase using again the red checked paper napkin to cover the vase with decoupage glue and left it to dry.Then I used air dry clay with creative leaf and pine cones moulds to decorate the vase to hold my candle in it.Here also I have used few red and green dewdrops as berries and leaves over it glued it with glue gun.

Airdrying the vase

 Decoration on the Vase

Designing the Vase

Here is the look of how I designed it.

 Final Look of The Christmas Candle Table Decor

Final Look for the Christmas Candle and Vase

The final image of “The Christmas candle and Vase”

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You tube Video Link for The Christmas Candle Table Decor

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