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Altered Halloween Lamp

Hi friends, Its Hazel from Handcrafted Expressions, welcome to my new project Altered Halloween Lamp for The Robin Nest Creative as a Design Team Member. Learn with me how to make an easy DIY Altered Halloween Lamp for gifting your loved ones this Halloween.

Recycled bottle for the Lamp

Recycled bottle

I have taken a recycled bottle to create a Halloween Lamp.

Stencil Designing

Stencil Design on halloween Lamp

Here I have taken a Halloween stencil and using a textured paste i dabbed the paste using my brush on the stencil to create the design. Then using the heat tool gave a quick dry.

Dew Drop design for Halloween Lamps

I designed the lamp using the different color dewdrops from the robin nest creative in a beautiful way all over the bottle.

Adhering the Candles in the Lamp

I fixed a LED candle on the lid of the bottle lamp for the light inside.Then fixed the bottle on top closing it.

Adhering the Lamp with Jute Rope

Adhering Jute rope on Halloween Lamp

Here I stuck a jute rope below of the bottle round and on the top. I sprinkled some shiny dust with glue.

Gesso Designing on the Lamp

gesso Designing on lamp

Lastly, I outlined the design and sprinkled dots on the bottle lamp using black gesso.

Top View of the Halloween Lamp

Final Look of the Lamp

Final look of Halloween Lamp

Links to the Material used:

You tube Video Link for The Halloween Lamp

Links below:

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