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Pumpkin Lantern

Hi friends, Its Hazel from Handcrafted Expressions, welcome to my new project Pumpkin Lantern for The Robin Nest Creative as a Design Team Member.

Learn with me how to make an easy DIY Pumpkin Lantern for gifting your loved ones this Halloween.

Paper Strips, Stamps for Pumpkin Lantern

Materials for Pumpkin Lanterrn

Have first taken strips of paper measured 1 1/2×12 inches in length. I have taken 12 strips together to form this lantern.

I have used Rangers Distress inks to Distress my paper with the color of fall in mind by mixing the shades while distressing. And also used my Halloween stamps from my stash to design my own strips.

Punching & Sticking Paper strips for Pumpkin Lantern

Paper Strip with punched holes for Pumpkin Lantern

I have punched 2 holes one up and one below to fix the strips using a braid and have used dewdrops from The Robin nest creative to decorate my strips for the lantern. Later fixed all the strips together.

Crafting and designing the paper Strips for the Pumpkin Lantern

Opening the fixed strips for Pumpkin Lantern

Next, I opened up the strips to form the lantern and shaped the lantern in a pumpkin shape and it’s ready to decorate.
And have also decorated the lantern with flower and leaves created by me using flower dies and leaves for a table decor on Halloween and placed a LED light inside the lantern.
Do check the video below for the detailed process of the Luminaries Pumpkin Lantern for your Halloween celebrations and create your own.

Final Look for Pumpkin Lantern

Final Look of Pumpkin Lantern

Links to the Material used:

You tube Video Link for Lumanarie Pumpkin Lantern

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