Driblets Molecules Card| Greeting Card

Hi friends , Its Hazel from Handcrafted Expressions, welcome to my new project Card with Molecules and Driblets Greeting Card for The Robin Nest Creative as a Design Team Member.

Todays tutorial is all about the Card with Molecules and Driblets.

Learn with me how to make a easy and DIY Molecules and Driblets Greeting Card for gifting your loved ones.

Looking forward to create more crafting inspiration through out my journey.

Card Stock / Canvas for the Greeting Card

Molecules Dew Drop Canvas

Here I’m using the Molecules created Dewdrops canvas ,cardstock, scrapbook paper from my stash to design the card.

Mandala Stamp for the Greeting Card

Mandala Stamp for Card
Aligning the Stamp with Canvas

I have also used a Mandala stamp to create stamping on the canvas for my design.

And using the Stamp pad I have  aligned my stamp on the canvas ready for stamping.

Mandala Design stamped on Canvas

Canvas with Mandala Design

Complete look of the canvas ready for designing.

Color Spraying the Canvas 

Color Sprays

Here I have used Color sprays to color my design i.e.. Green and Aqua color sprays for the background of the canvas.

Spraying the Canvas

Spraying the color sprays on the canvas.

Adhering the Canvas

Card Stock Adhering

Here I am Adhering the card stock and canvas together.

Canvas Adhering

Here I am Adhering the canvas with the scraper.

Designing the Greeting Card with Dew Drops

Designing the Greeting Card

Using the different colors of The Robin Nest Creative Dewdrops to design my card.

Adhering Sentiments for the Greeting Card

Sentiment adhering on Greeting Card

Sticking my Sentiment to the card .

Final Look of Greeting Card

Final Look of my Card

Greeting Card

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You tube Video Link for Card with Molecules and Driblets

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